Sir Blackfist's Harvest Feast

The party is invited by Sir Newton Blackfist to celebrate the harvest festival at his country manor. All members ate and drank and had a fun time: Ozum Dragonspike drank Elven wine and mingled with with the crowd, Raj talked with some military commanders about tactics, while Bjorkus Von Lagerspetz and Salkor the Silent reveled in the general atmosphere of celebration. The festival ended and Sir Blackfist generously opened his manor house to his guests to sleep.

In the middle of the night, the heroes were awoken by screams and sounds of fighting. They donned their equipment and exited the manor. Goblins were setting the smaller buildings of the manor on fire. The party charged the goblins and fought hand-to-hand with a group of them. The goblins were defeated and a lone survivor ran from the manor with one of Ozum’s hand axes in his back.

Ozum searched the field for survivors of the attack and found a few peasants. Salkor searched the manor and found a dagger in Sir Blackfist’s room but the nobleman was nowhere to be found. The peasants mentioned they saw Sir Blackfist leave the manor soon after his celebration was ended when questioned.

A wounded farmer on a horse approached the group. Bjorkus tended his wounds and the farmer motioned to the east, and asked the party to go to his farm before falling unconscious.

The group quickly traveled to the farm where Salkor attempted to sneak up on the farmhouse. Sensing the element of surprise was spoiled, Salkor lit an oil flask and set the farmhouse’s thatch roof on fire. A group of goblins attacked the party as they advanced on the farmhouse but were defeated. Ozum and Raj checked the smoky interior of the house for survivors only to find a burned body and a metal chest. Bjorkus found the tracks of a large goblin host leading to Hemstad and the group decided to follow them.



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