The Cave of Doom, Part I

The party has saved Edwina Vered, proprietor of the reagent shop in the previous fight. They speak to her briefly and as the goblin army seems to be retreating, the party is introduced to the mayor of Hemstad: Lord Finegold. He thanks the adventurers for fighting against the goblins and informs them of a bounty of 10 gold pieces on killing goblins. The party decides to follow after the retreating army. As they prepare to leave, a woman named Allison begs the party to rescue her son Alfie. The party agrees to do what they can though they are not optimistic as to the child’s fate. Fully outfitted, the group leaves and follows the tracks of the goblin force.

Finding and abandoned farm, the party rests after the first day of travel. Pteliana has the first watch and as she meditated undead wolves attack.
Salkor awakens the rest of the party as Pteliana is savagely attacked. She survives only by using her Hamadryad oaken aspect and rebuking the undead. The party fights them off but they are badly hurt by the necrotic energy the beasts exude.

The group travels two more days and finds the entrance to a cavernous complex. Bjorkus solves the puzzle of the animated door and the adventurers move in. They slowly and carefully make their way in. After stealthily killing a sentry, Salkor disarms a spear trap and leads the party to a large chamber. It is filled with almost two dozen sleeping goblins. Salkor dispatches two of the sleeping foes when one awakes and alerts the rest. The party defends the doorway and a powerful magical attack kills many of the goblins. It is a brutal war of attrition between the group and a nefarious goblin hexer who uses his remaining troops to good effect. Not even watching a bugbear almost drown himself brought much levity to the fight. On their last legs, the party kills the hexer’s forces and the goblin retreats. The party loots and is so exhausted they leave to rest before coming back.



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