The Cave of Doom, Part II: Dinner of Pain

After a long rest, the adventurers return to the cave complex and find a new watchman. He pulls the alarm to no avail and is promptly killed. The party manages to sneak upon a group of goblins and a large bugbear with a leather apron covered in gore preparing a meal.

The commis are easily dispatched by Salkor except for the vegetable station which manages to dodge the dagger strikes for a few rounds. The rest of the party concentrates on the massive bugbear. It is a tough fight but the group manages to kill them all. After looting, the adventurers find a rickety bridge that stretches over a deep chasm. Salkor manages to acrobatically get across but Ozum breaks a slat and manages to catch hold before falling through. A portent of things to come.

Bjorkus helps him up and the element of surprise is dashed as a half dozen goblins waiting for dinner become alerted and spring to action. Two goblins begin sawing at the ropes on the bridge as Ozum tries to run across. Goblins below toss javelins at him and one strand is cut and he falls. He slams against the wall of the chasm and manages to catch a hold and stop his 50 foot fall. He is bloodied but alive. Bjorkus runs back and through the previously explored areas hoping to find a way into the room. Salkor is alone fighting on the other side but Pteliana throws divine bolts. She does enough damage for Salkor to make a run halfway back across the bridge before he is knocked unconscious. The invoker manages to pull him the rest of the way back with divine magic. Now Ozum is alone after crawling from the chasm. He fights until Bjorkus runs into the room and they manage to kill the the rest of the goblins.

The party takes a brief rest before moving to the final chamber.



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