What Was Lost, Is Now Found

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After re-arming, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Spears, the group set out in search of others in Hemstad that might need their assistance. It didn’t take long before the screams for help from a young woman could be heard just a few blocks away. Racing to the scene the group turned the corner only to stare down a short road that ended with a small horde of goblins and two bugbears. A young woman was frozen with shock against the wall of a three-story home; and in the middle of the street lay the missing Harvest Feast host, Lord Blackfist.

The bugbears hid among the buildings while the main goblin force charged down the street. Salkor ran at the male bugbear wielding his dagger and throwing shuriken. Pteliana began dispatching the charging goblins with radiant beams of light and streaks of lightning from the sky. Bjorkus and Ozum waded into the goblins to fight toe to toe with the female bugbear. Salkor, realizing he couldn’t take the pair of foes on alone, attempted to run back to the group. The male bugbear pursued him and with a swing of his flail brought Salkor to the brink of death. While Ozum and Pteliana kept the attention of the other bugbear and goblins, Bjorkus called upon the powers of Erathis to bring Salkor back to his feet. He sacrificed his own healing stamina to shield his allies and help turn the tide of battle. Once Ozum and Pteliana slayed the female bugbear, the group surrounded the remaining bugbear and quickly defeated him.

Before the blade could be pulled from the dead bugbear, Bjorkus was at the side of Lord Blackfist, but it was already too late. Lord Blackfist was long dead. A crossbow bolt protruded from his back and his veins were a dark purple. The bolt had finished what the poison had begun. Lord Blackfist’s pocket contained a crumpled note, written in a language foreign to the party. Of particular interest was a pendant with a seven point star with circles around the points. A matching tattoo was found on Lord Blackfist’s chest.

A suit of magical scale armor was retrieved from one of the bugbears along with various swords and suits of leather armor. Curiously though, no crossbows were found. It appears Lord Blackfist wasn’t killed by the horde of goblins and bugbears. The only leads remaining were the pendant and the note.



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